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Capps Runs Highly Deceptive Ads

Voters who expect a modicum of honesty from Capps are likely to be very disappointed. 

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Mitchum Surges Past Capps in New Poll

Mitchum Surges to Narrow Lead Over Capps in CA-24

SANTA BARBARA-Polling in Congressional District 24; the central coast district covering Santa Barbara, parts of San Luis Obispo and a sliver of Ventura County; shows that Republican Chris Mitchum has surged into a slight lead over 16-year incumbent Lois Capps.

Mitchum’s lead - 41.5% to 40.5% - is within the margin of error, but clearly shows the race is razor close, despite Capps massive spending on negative attack ads.

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Up to Us to Clean Up this Race

Here at the Mitchum campaign, we know it's up to us to keep the campaign clean, spot on the issues that affect every voter, and run our race on the merits.  The incumbent obviously does not think that way.  We feel it's likely that the citizens of our district may 'rise up' to make an example of Lois Capps - if she hides, won't debate, won't speak on the issues and makes unsavory attacks on her opponent, we trust the voters of the district to give her the job she deserves.  

Chris Mitchum is entirely approachable ( by any citizen and will be after the election, too.

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NRCC Jumps in to Mitchum Race

And we're doing big new ad buys....


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Why Won't Lois Capps Debate Chris?

Lois Capps has had 16 years to try to help our district - instead, she's voted with Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time to damage jobs, our water, health care, border security, agriculture, small business and education in our district.  

And she won't debate??  Don't voters deserve better than that?

Capps has not just angered voters in our district, she's angered voters all across the country for many reasons.  Here are 3 short videos produced by others, not us:

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Final Phase: Debt is Our Burden NOW

As we enter into the final phase of the campaign, the shift is made from distinguishing myself from other Republicans who were using the same "playbook," to showing how my solutions to today's problems are the direction in which America should go.

There are two important things to note. First, in 2008, people were saying the National Debt was going to become the burden of our grandchildren. The debt was over eight trillion dollars then.

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Chris Says We Can Do Better. And We Can.

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Chris Mitchum Explains His Faith in America

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Listen to Chris' Latest Radio Spot

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16 Minutes with Chris Mitchum - News Interview

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